Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A wonderful review for our Elemental Scents Collection's Earth

I feel so fulfilled as a perfumer to hear that my creations makes a person so happy they feel compelled to share their impressions.  Nothing is more rewarding to me.  Thank you so much Kathy!

Here is Kathy L's review from our web site,

finally found a new scent! 

Posted by Kathy L.
I have been searching for years - literally - for a scent to replace favorites that have been tragically reformulated, chief among them, Cabochard, but also many others that I used to wear. I would try a number of scents available at various stores or even parfumeries, buy what seemed the best, wear if for a while, and finally give it away when it either bored or irritated me. I stumbled on this collection at Cambridge Whole Foods and tried them all.  
I really was not expecting much - I expected something simple along the lines of the kinds of essential oils the store carries. I was instantly drawn to Earth. It is very subtle, light, but with very interesting, intricate notes. 
I don't think I can identify any individual ingredient but the whole works beautifully. I have now the cologne which is lovely and light for summer: I can wear it every day, even in the high heat. And I am ordering the eau de parfum to try the more concentrated formulation for year round use. This particular formulation answers to the scent category to which I am always drawn - woody, chypre.