Sunday, December 15, 2013

Review Roberta Andrade Fragrances no. 13 by Octavian Coifan

Since its release, we have had the opportunity to have some of the very best perfumers and bloggers review the collection and No. 13 from around the world. We were so flattered by these reviews we wanted to share them. Thank you so much to Octavian Coifan for the wonderful review below.

From Octvaian Coifan:

One of the most spectacular and unusual discoveries of this year comes from Boston. No 13 is one of those classic with a beauty which cannot be forgotten. A pure delight. Floral, soft, woody, powdery, slightly green chypre and preciously leather (just a soft veil), this creation has a remarkable sillage. From the great era of Givenchy III and its soft leather IBQ modernistic interpretations, the new No 13 brings a classic allure with a modern twist. Something quite rare these days. Like many classic creations, its beauty is not unveiled on blotter, but on skin and from a certain distance, after a certain period of time. The first impression, complex with a fruity tobacco vibe like the forgotten Fendi, but profoundly floral, gradually evolves into a mesmerizing auratic perfume. It is abstract – there is no pyramid as the 13th essence, is by definition something divine and mysterious – at least the metaphor expressed by the Italian master perfumer Baldini. Smell the perfume and let it come to your senses in the most unexpected way. 

Under the green fruity angostura bitterness, recalling tag├Ęte-cognac-chamomile and other golden flowers, a precious heart will capture your attention. The glorious knowing floral chypre in a sfumatto technique. 80′s style? Perhaps. I have portrayed a similar theme 5 years ago with the Vermeer perfume, ultra light. This one, is more daVinci, like the beautiful Gallerani portrait. You need time to discover the pure joy and enchantment of this precious creation which is ultra different from many modern launches. The powdery leather chypre drydown, strong and impertinent, yet delicate and mesmerizing, comes only after several hours. But it’s captivating. Pure enchantment for the skin and for those who smell the creation with its strange “forbidden apple” note – both fresh, green, cognac, apple-pear-mirabelle-fruit sec – over an ambery-rose-jasmine theme. It has no modern equivalent, perhaps only the Frapin Parisian collection, which feel so outdated and heavy compared to the Boston perfume. If you want a modern complex creation where no note or trend can be named with ease, then No13 will do its magic on your skin. If you like Scotch and angostura, you will adore No13, a golden perfume.

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