Monday, August 19, 2013

Collection Suprême Inpirations - No 13

I picked this particular name of this composition for two reasons; 13 is a favorite number for me, and I believe in making your own luck rather than being controlled by a superstition. 

Creating No. 13 was a journey that I wasn't certain would ever have a destination. It felt at times that I would wander for years trying to perfect the composition that became No.13, but finally it did come together and it was a very satisfying arrival.

I call this composition my beautiful problem child because she was very temperamental and fussy in the process of creation. Like a real child needing just the right things to eat, No. 13 needed just the right combination of materials in exacting proportion to finally mold her into the beautiful swan she has become.  You couldn't tell I'm a proud mother could you..?

No 13 had a very interesting start in life with a combination of influences that created her.  Some of these were my thoughts and imaginings coupled with input from a clothing designer who originally had commissioned the fragrance.    No. 13 was meant to be THE brand fragrance for this designer with a composition evocative of past beauties likes Coco, Fendi and Boucheron.

If that had  happened, the fragrance would have had another name and a fictitious market invented history that would have not even remotely reflected her true origins.

So originally, I was to be just the surrogate perfumer mother who would carry the fragrance in my soul and bring her to life, however during my fragrance pregnancy, my client changed their mind. 

Disappointed, I thought the composition would sit on a shelf with other experiments never to see the light of day again: Instead, I made the decision to continue my work and make the final product one of the four fragrances in Collection Suprême

As I had mentioned No. 13 was a problem child and needed time to develop and mature which ultimately paid off.  No. 13 emerged a beautiful multifaceted oriental fragrance with accords of bergamot, tobacco, narcotic florals, plum, amber, galbanum, wood, rose, jasmine, musk, and melis.   

Since her birth, No.13 is already taking on a life of her own with reviews from famed perfumer/historians/bloggers Octavian Coifan, Paris and Jaroslaw Szostak, Warsaw. 

On the next post I will tell more about the inspiration for the other three siblings of Collection Suprême.

Until then, warmest wishes,